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March 25 2017

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this is disgusting

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I’m still alive, just working and going through some depressive swings. I apologize for the absence. So until I have bigger things to post, have this little robot pal!

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That is impressive yet sad all at the same time. 

I mean tbh reading comprehension and not believing everything you’re told should be basic primary school curriculum. It’s important even when there isn’t flat out fake news, since everything has some point of bias and being at the very least aware of that is an important skill.

So, the media specialist at our school has hardcore been teaching this stuff lately.  Which makes sense: a big part of her job is helping students learn how to research and find quality information on any given topic.

But now she’s getting flak for it from some parents and even other staff members.  They feel she is making a political statement by doing this.  Despite the fact that she has never endorsed any candidate or party in her role as an educator and she hasn’t even mentioned any specific political issues in her lessons.

That’s the part that’s sad and also shady as fuck to me.  

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Proud to be dutch

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*grabs popcorn*

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How it feels to follow a well-written tutorial

/* by JoLabrycol */

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Pet me.

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March 24 2017

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CNN is a joke

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netflix named……… light yagami…….. light turner……. what will ryuk be…….. my shinigami friend who likes apples…………….ryan

‘howdy y'all I’m roy the shinigami’

Hi, i’m Light Turner, and this is my Fairy Death God Parent

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