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July 16 2017

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Roscoe The Adventure Cat

Photos by Roscoe Fats

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Google’s DeepMind AI just taught itself to walk

He walked into my office like an evolutionary algorithm that had just taught itself to walk.

“Get out of here, you goofy bastard,” I told him.

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me after getting kicked off an overbooked delta flight 

I am so weakkkk

No you don’t understand tho my dad literally used to do this. Before 9/11, when airport security was way more lax, my dad’s friend ran an airport scam ring with like 30 of his friends. They would literally do this - waltz on in to the airport, find a gate that looked overbooked, and buy a ticket. Because of the slower computer systems, they could get away with buying tickets seconds before a plane was announced to be overbooked, then offer to give up their seats for the cash.

They also all used to fly under my dad’s friend’s name and racked up like millions of frequent flyer miles. They’re pretty sure that at one point, there were five different guys flying under the same name in the air at the exact same time and the airlines just contacted the guy saying “oh there’s been a glitch.”

They never got caught until my dad’s friend got a passive aggressive letter from Delta in his mail THIS YEAR (15+ years after they stopped) basically saying “we know what you did.”

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that ain’t a slide, that’s a cliff

I’ve been laughing at this for 5 min

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July 15 2017

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leo has two distinct personalities

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This Spanish mule is 1.78m tall. What the hell. A mule the size of a German sporthorse. Imagine how long those ears are.

The two of us could probably stand upright under it’s belly 😂😂

He’s as tall as me asdfghjkl

Go get him, gurl.

Spanish mules are surprisingly huge LMAO

They are! Do you know why they do it? I mean they already have fancy Spanish horses, why the mules? Not that I disapprove.

OK I wanted to do a fancy post with pictures and shit but fuck it.

Mules are basically bred because they are way stronger than horses (LIKE WAY STRONGER) and are said to be easier to train as carriage ‘horses’ because it’s an ‘easy’ job and they are very good at it once they are established. Some people also ride them on top of teaching them to drive, they are usually very docile animals and some can even have facy-ish movement!

They are just great for driving, trainer had one called Chico (and they are currently looking for two lol) and he pulled a cart with 9 people for quite a while with no problem, didn’t even sweat.

Also mules are apparently better in mountainous and rougher terrain (and stronger definitely), so there´s that. When my grandpa was in the cavalry (in spain) he took care of a lot of mules, if he was still alive I would ask him more about it but unfortunately that´s not the case.

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It’s almost summer and Mapril is celebrating the best way he knows how: with a flower crown.

what a beautiful boy!

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This is perfect

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Tiny Faced Cats

I think this may be photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.

Photos by cakes1todough1 and iamclaus

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I don’t know what’s going on but I like it

relationship goals

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p o w e r s t a n c e

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I cant imagine even for a second that they didnt bus ass when they came back down

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--lydschi on Twitter
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